domingo, 30 de junio de 2019

Petroleo en Casanare parte 2 (Big Oil in Colombia -Part 2)

(english below) Un recorrido entre los nefastos afectos de la
explotación petrolera en el departamento de Casanare nos cuestiona
profundamente acerca de la presencia de empresas transancionales en el
territorio colombiano y sobre la viabilidad de la explotación petrolera.
Una fuerte acusa contra la BP y demás empresas acerca del trato
laboral, de las responsabilidades en las violaciones de DDHH y de la
contaminación del medio ambiente.

This documentary tells the devastating story of the discovery and
exploration of Oil in Casanare, northeast Colombia and the strategy of
Big Oil, in this case British Petroluem, for looting oil resources.

Around 300,000 people live in Casanare. In the past 20 years, three
percent (3%) of the population have been murdered or disappeared. Many
more have been forced to abandon their lands and and peasant farmer
livelihoods due to violence by the joint actions of Colombian armed
forces and paramilitary groups. This climate of fear relates in with
investor "security" for BP's oil flow and profits resulting, assuring
that their is no grassroots opposition to the oil extraction.

In light of the need for action on climate change, this hidden history
raises questions around 1)the effectiveness of demanding carbom
emissions reduction from the fossil fuel industry that use strategies of
war to ensure their continued oil and profits flow?, 2) whether
solidarity with Casanarean communities is action on climate change, as
they begin to reorganise again in 2010? and 3) climate justice and
popular ownership of oil resources?

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